‘Windy Corner’ at the Battle of Jutland 1916

Battle of Jutland


This painting was commissioned by the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth. Admiral Lord Jellicoe has just ordered the British battleships to turn into line ahead, at the same moment that the enemy fleet has executed a 180° turn in the distant haze, resulting in the two battle fleets inadvertently separating. From the left are HMS Warsprite circling with her rudder jammed; then HMS Warrior disabled and on fire. In the distance Barham and the 5th Battle Squadron are steaming to catch up; and in the foreground HMS Marlborough leads the 1st Battle Squadron 6th Division in the turn to port. Just astern of her are HMS Revenge, HMS Hercules and HMS Agincourt.

In the Royal Naval Museum Collection


Oil on canvas




20″ x 48″


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